Couple's Coaching

“Couples struggle for one reason, and it has nothing to do with whether they love each other or how much they want the relationship to work. The reason why couples struggle is that something in the way they interact with each other has the effect of pushing them away from each other, rather than pulling them together.  ‘Communicating more’ is simply not enough. Couples need to a set of tools to help them strengthen their emotional bond and stay in partnership with each other during stressful times.”

Couple's Coaching

What is Couple's Coaching?

Couple’s coaching is a bit different than couples therapy. While both focus on the goal of helping couples improve the quality of their relationship, their approaches tend to be different. Coaching is more directive and focuses on practical and effective strategies that couples can implement in their daily lives right away. There is less “talking about the issues” in a relationship and more of a focus on giving you the skills that will empower you to resolve issues on your own. Couple’s coaching is more “active”, meaning that you have exercises to do as a couple each day to help you evolve into a stronger, healthier, and happier couple.

Will it Help Your Relationship?

In most cases, yes. Coaching can make a huge difference as long as two things are true:


1)  Both of you are committed to the relationship and to couples coaching. If one partner has already decided to leave or are unwilling to participate, there is just not much that can be done, unfortunately. But if both partners are committed, then you are on your way.


2) There is no active domestic abuse or addiction. Drugs, alcohol, and abuse are relationship killers because they shut down the very emotional systems that keep couples together. Couples who want to improve the quality of their relationship need to be safe and sober.


Note: There are some cases where referrals may be made to a psychologist for treatment for certain conditions, such as a history of trauma, addiction treatment, or some other circumstance that is making it hard for a couple to move forward in a positive way

What to Expect

The goal on your first visit is to identify the particular patterns in your relationship that are getting you into trouble. Clarity is power.

Then we discuss a plan of action and give you some things to do together to get you moving in a better direction.

Typically, couples coaching involves 10-20, 1-hour sessions with some simple homework to do on a daily basis.

Getting Started

DON’T WAIT!!!  The longer the problems go on in a relationship, the harder they will be to overcome. So, click the button below to contact me and let’s get started!